We're a self-organizing team that can deliver the best architecture and design for your business idea. With every completed project we learn how to be more effective and improve our skills.

Vlad Tarasenko

Lead Engineer

Vlad has over 10 years as a software engineer and experienced with a broad toolbox of different technologies, from Python to JavaScript. He is experienced in all phases of software building, from concept to production stages. Good problem solver and knows how to find the right balance between quality and development speed. Vlad launched 3 big projects (with 10 000+ users per day).

Maria Kravchuk

UI/UX Designer

Maria is a UX/UI designer who is passionate about creating the best user experience possible. She aims to bring into existence a pixel-perfect design polished to perfection. She had been in the industry for over 4 years and she is always learning new design development trends. She is fully involved in the process of product development. Maria's strongest motivation is to make a big impact on the company as a designer in order to achieve amazing results and make the users happy. She believes that the most powerful things are simple things, and she strives to prove it via design.

Ostap Lazoryak

Front-End Engineer

Ostap has been in the web development field for over 5 years. He has experience in using various frameworks, but his frameworks of choice are Bootstrap and ZURB Foundation. He's also good at Sass and Less CSS pre-processor languages. Ostap is always paying extra attention to cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. He is skilled at creating new email layouts using Gulp toolkit and Zurb's Ink platform.

Volodymyr Antoniuk

Front-End Engineer

Volodymyr is an experienced front-end developer who can handle projects of various complexity. He is great at implementing colorful and engaging visual elements for custom web applications. He aims at bringing positive user-experience, efficiency, speed, and easy to use functionality into every project he's working on. Volodymyr strives to write the kind of code that can be easily modified and upgraded in the future. His framework of choice is Vue.js. Volodymyr specializes in building SPA websites that load fast and run smoothly.

Artem Tiumentcev

Back-End Engineer

Artem is a software engineer who has over 5 years of experience. His main programming language is Python. He worked on various projects related to the air traffic control systems, he was also involved in the development of a private cloud. Artem likes dogs and traveling. He believes it's an inspiring combination for writing high-quality code.

Sergey Nikolenko

DevOps Master

Sergey is a DevOps Master with 20 years of experience in the field. His favorite kind of project is a high load project that will require maximum optimization and automation. His knowledge of programming languages is vast and various. Sergey has been coding in Perl for quite some time, these days his language of choice is Golang. He's a kind of developer who is constantly learning new things. He's very flexible and he can adapt his skillset to a task of any level of complexity. Sergey always strives for success.

Ratmir Asanov

Automated Test Master

Ratmir has over 9 years of experience in the software industry as a Quality Assurance Engineer. He has worked with development teams of various sizes starting from 5 and up to 50 developers. Ratmir has extensive experience in QA Automation Testing using Python, C#, Selenium WebDriver, SoapUI testing tools. He was involved in several big projects for the back office in Finance and Healthcare industry.

Tanya Myroniuk

UI designer

Tanya has 3 years of experience as a UI designer and The Bachelor of Design degree. She is building a design that focuses on the user's visual experience. She likes observing how designing for the target audience improves the relationships between a customer's business and the end-user. Her goal is to solve a customer’s problem in a way that will bring their business to a new level.