Building and managing a development team

Many companies choose a dedicated team model to build custom software.
Among many benefits of a dedicated development team are reduced project cost, flexibility, and faster time-to-market.
This model is especially beneficial for long-term large-scale projects, and that's the kind of projects we're good with.
Webdevelop Pro has been designing custom software for over 10 years and delivered plenty of projects.
Here’s how we build a dedicated development team you can rely on.

How we build a development team

To assemble an effective development team we need to understand your business idea and goals first. There is no need to
go deep into the details but it's important to see the big picture to recognize potential challenges and
assess the risks. We take responsibility for the whole process of building a team so you don't have to make
decisions on every small detail unless requested otherwise. We establish a direct channel of communication to keep you informed on the
progress each step of the way.

Once challenges and goals are clear, its time to start looking for the right people. We have a very thorough
recruiting process to provide you with a high-performance team.

Our recruiting process

Understanding requirements

Before putting a development team together, we need to gather all the information about the project. A dedicated development
team is built according to the project requirements. After that, we select the tech stack and define what skillset is required for the project.

Screening and pre-selection

We spread the word and approach the developers with the necessary skills.
We run preliminary interviews to check:

  • Technical skills and expertise;
  • Education and professional background;
  • The kind of projects our candidates have worked on;
  • Teamwork experience;
  • English Language Level;
  • Personal skills and qualities;

We are looking for professionals who are passionate about what they do and who are specialists in their
respective areas of expertise. We need our candidates to be team players eager to be fully engaged in their
work. At this stage, we filter out those candidates who aren’t suitable for the project.

Tech assignment

The candidates have to prove the level of the skills they claim to have mastered. We give them a thoroughly
prepared tech assignment designed according to the project’s technical challenges and/or the role in the team
that the candidate is being recruited for. Now they have to prove how good are they are at what they do. We
put candidates’ technical skills, speed, and quality of work to a test. The results are
reviewed by our top in-house developers.

Personality traits

It's no doubt that having great technical skills is essential, but that's not all that we expect from our
candidates. We want to hire people who are passionate about what they do, comfortable working with others
and are comfortable to work with. We're looking for specialists that constantly improve and develop their skills.

Final interview

Now that we have filled in all the gaps and gathered all the information we go through it very carefully to
select the best candidates. We talk to the candidates again to make sure all of the requirements are met. It
is our responsibility to assemble a team of professionals best suited for your project.

We work with many top-notch web
engineers, designers, and testers. We can begin interviewing potential candidates as soon as we receive your request.
A development team is assembled within a few weeks. If necessary, we are open to signing an NDA to learn
more about your project.

How we manage a development team

Our work doesn't stop once we've assembled the team. We monitor the process of product development from
requirements gathering to launch. Over the years we've learned the best practices to effectively manage a dedicated development team. We
adopted the basics of the Agile method and combined them with our own experience. Here are the highlights
of our approach to managing development teams:

  • Set clear goals, discuss blockers and plans;
  • Hold daily meetings and stand up calls;
  • Make reports on work progress every 2 weeks;
  • Analyze the performance of each member of the team;
  • Check the results at the end of a sprint.

Transparency and Flexibility

Transparency and flexibility are our core values. Daily meetings, sprint planning, sprint reviews, and systematic
reports are standard procedures that we follow at all times. A group channel for clients
and everyone working on the project is open 24/7. We use a staggering work schedule to equally accommodate our
clients and development teams.

It's unlikely that every project has a detailed plan for every possible change from the very beginning. A dedicated development team model allows us to
respond to tweaks and changes in the project quickly and effectively. Managing a development team is
a continuous process, and we can always adjust the team to the project's needs.

Risk management and pricing

High-quality software development requires effective risk management. Managing risks is our top priority. We believe that using Agile methodology provides us with means to identify, prioritize, manage,
and control risks throughout the process of product development. We assess the risks we might encounter at the same time as we gather requirements. We also monitor risks at the sprint level with a thorough analysis every 2 weeks.

One of the advantages of a dedicated team is simple and transparent pricing. The dedicated team model allows you to cut your expenses on the recruitment. The cost of a dedicated team is formed exclusively for every project and depends on the project complexity and the skillset of the specialists involved in it.

If a dedicated team is what you need, Webdevelop Pro will be happy to provide you with the best IT specialists to build your product.
We're looking forward to hear from you.