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Data Scientist

AI/ML specialist

Role: Your primary responsability will be using existing prediction models or building new ones. You have to love python and be able to design and implement the APIs and interaction with ML models so the rest of the company’s systems can use it. You will work with the devops team to create the infrastructure to build and maintain the datasets from which models are created

Looking for: MS in CS or related field with 4+ years of experience in implementing and deploying large scale distributed systems 5+ years of building distributed systems and/or scalable backend systems and the ability to maintain such systems in production Strong programming skills in Python. Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of SQL and ability to wrangle data from many disparate data sources Strong software engineering fundamentals - understanding of data structures and algorithms, big O-notation, ability to maintain a test suite and write clear maintainable code Demonstrated leadership and self-direction, and willingness to both teach others and learn new techniques/tools Technologies we use: Google Cloud, PubSub, BigQuery, Dataflow, Postgres, Python and others Familiarity and interest in learning Machine Learning and implementing models in the future is a must

Location: Remote