HR manager

HR manager

About us

We are a fast-growing software company, and we are looking for a People’s person with ’an eye for talent’. We believe you can search, select and inspire amazing candidates for our team and we’d love to chat with you!
First of all we are a people company. This means — our employees are our biggest asset. We need a recruiter who understands our company culture and can translate it to all potential candidates, selecting future members of our team! Here’s what you will do in detail.

Our ideal candidate:

  • have 2+ years of experience in recruiting
  • have experience working with a start-ups
  • Enjoying when you get things done and you can lead hiring process from start to finish
  • Can sell the company to the candidate and provide him positive experience even if for some reason we decide not to move forward with the candidate
  • Pleasant to talk to
  • Happy to meet new people on a daily basis
  • Build relations in the team based on trust and transparency
  • Organize your time and priorities. We don’t need to micro-manage you

Our requirements:

  • You will be responsible for hiring people companies are looking for
  • You can create an ideal experience for the candidate;
  • On-boarding process and helping new people to get more comfortable
  • Help us to build unique teams in and outside of Ukraine
  • Help us to interview amazing engineers and understand their requirements and needs
  • Bring us help with teambuilding organization and participation in different online events


  • Annual bonus
  • Paid days off on Ukrainian official holidays
  • Paid trips to Europe and USA
  • Official employment
  • English language courses
  • Bi-weekly payments

Location: Europe, Fully Remote

HR manager

Europe, Fully Remote

We are looking forward to hearing more about you! Just tell us everything related to the main arguments why you are the best match for fo this position.

And do not forget to provide CV + related web links to convey a full picture of your professionalism.