Quality assurance

QA Lead

Role: We are building connection between big banks and blockchain DeFi. Any mistake might be very costly for us and we are looking for accurate and picky person to join our team.

We have a little mess in the GitHub and sometimes that slows our deploy process. In additional we want to have somebody who can test developers right away after they finish some feature or close a bug. We are looking for somebody who can take a senior or even lead role in our testing process. Who will be responsible for bug reports, delivering stable and durable services and who can speak directly with CEO or Project Manager for report current progress.
This role requires to be reachable in the evening hours and sometimes work long hours.

Product: UnFederalReserve is a banking SaaS company built on blockchain technology. Our banking products are designed for smaller U.S. Treasury chartered banks and non-bank lenders in need of greater liquidity without sacrificing security or compliance.
Our daily turnover is more than 1,5 million dollars and we have more than 3000 active users.
We are growing fast! Very quickly in 5 months, we have grown a community around our product concept and our project has grown 30 times larger!
Currently, we have a team of 14 people but we expect to grow up to 30 by the Q2-Q3.

Job requirements

  • Manual testing:
  • You will have to do both normal tests and be able to do weird use cases which hard to predict. We both know that users are pretty strange, right?
  • Responsibility, punctuality, accuracy, persistence. If you miss a bug or forget to check some cases - this may affect the user decision to use our platform
  • Communication, ability to speak with Project Manager (on English) and with a team members:
  • Managing github issues and helping to address abounding or missed tickets
  • Understanding the current situation on the project and amount of bugs and features on the current sprint
  • Develop and update documentation during project expansion
  • Skills, or desire to learn, automatic end to end tests (for your future career)

Why to work with us?

  • We are stable company with demonstrated history of building complex fintech product
  • Our products been at first pages of TechCrunch, New York Times and other big mass media newsletters
  • In fact almost all of our products get big mass media coverage
  • Stable payments in stable currency, no delays
  • All our projects > 10 months long
  • Be able to work with 10+ years veterans and pick up new skills and knowledges

Location: Europe, 100% Remote

Quality assurance

Europe, 100% Remote

We are looking forward to hearing more about you! Just tell us everything related to the main arguments why you are the best match for fo this position.

And do not forget to provide CV + related web links to convey a full picture of your professionalism.