Affiliate software development

E-commerce, B2B, Small and Medium Businesses

Our client was a company with an easy-to-use website builder. As a customer of our Client, one can build a rich, mobile-friendly, full-featured website without an expertise in technologies. The Client company marketing team decided to tackle solo entrepreneurs, artists and writers as their target customers. They were able to identify customer needs and create a roadmap of required features and functionality of intended web sites.

E-commerce, B2B, Small and Medium Businesses

Development, Integration, Maintenance

Tech stack
AWS and related services: RDS, Elasticbeanstack, Route 53, Python, Nodejs, Django, Angular, MySQL, Django-MPTT.

Project goals


Marketing research showed that it was very expensive to acquire a new customer and with existing, stable and well-funded competitors, they don’t have enough budget to get critical amounts of the users to become profitable. In order to survive the company decided to change its marketing strategy and use a loyal user base to attract new users. The marketing team developed a unique reward program and decided to build a custom affiliate software to fulfill their need. Another challenge was the quality of their existing solution.

Previously, their platform was compiled from different companies and people from Upwork and other freelances websites. Certain freelance resources were no longer in place, others were pretty hostile for new engineers. The company was lucky to be able to deliver the product to the market but codebase was too fragile to do any sort of developments


Firstly, it was important to understand the core company business and create testing documentation and workflows. Secondly, we successfully created test environments and pipelines so that all developers were able to work simultaneously on different tasks. Afterwards, we spent time on codebase research and understanding how we can integrate the existing software with an affiliate platform company asked for. During our research, we provided a detailed report and finalized our proposal about additional steps that were needed to be taken in order to perform an integration.


We built strong and long business relations with a Client. At first, we introduced a stable and productive ready workflows for software development, product releases, and quality assurance processes to identify problems before they happen on production. Gradually, we managed to build required affiliate solutions and perform seamless integration with an existing product. In fact, it took longer than expected to integrate the new product with an existing solution. However, at the end, the Client was satisfied to receive a stable and reliable product.

Project timeline

Step 1
Step 2 & 3 (parallel work)
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

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