Real estate investment platform

Agriculture, Fintech software, Real Estate Investments

Our client was a real estate investment company with a low minimum investment. At the beginning of our partnership, the company only had a founder. The founder was looking for a technical cofounder and local developers. After the initial discussion about the timeline and budget limitations, we agreed on using a dedicated remote team and our startup development kit to boost the MVP development.

Agriculture, Fintech software, Real Estate Investments

Research, Development, Maintenance

Tech stack
Google Cloud and related services: Google SQL, Kubernetes, Google build, and Cloud functions, python, golang, Vuejs, Stylus, Postgres, testcafe.

Project goals

Investment in the land is a rock-solid long-term option. Until recently, in order to ensure a successful land investment, you had to know a lot about land management and perform due diligence by yourself. Such due diligence is an expensive and time-consuming process. Besides, the starting price of the land plot on the market is quite high. The idea of this project was to create a platform that handles investors' due diligence and land management while they receive their dividends.


While working on this project we faced a lot of technical and non-technical challenges. The lack of understanding of what exactly we were required to build was most challenging. We had to come up with a plan and start testing ideas quickly to find seed investors before our client ran out of money. Once we found the right direction for product development, we needed more engineers and lawyers. This product was created to provide its users with scalable, reliable, user-friendly, efficient, and legal ways to make an investment, transfer money, and provide all necessary information.


We had to adjust both the approach and the set of technologies to achieve our goals at every stage of product development. First, we focused on speeding the development process up to start testing ideas. Because of our extensive experience in FinTech, we suggested effective boilerplate solutions ready to go. As we selected optimal tech stack, we were able to test a number of ideas out and found the right one. We managed to build an MVP quickly and secured funding for the project. After that, we built an exclusive full-stack team according to the product business needs. We interviewed over 300 engineers in total to fill all the necessary roles to cover the team leadership function, design, product development, DevOps, SEO, etc.


The product we created turned out to be successful and profitable. The platform meets the needs of the client-focused on user growth. The system’s capacity allowed to handle 1500 users simultaneously during marketing campaigns. The platform handled turnover of tens of millions of dollars after it was put into operation. The project is growing fast and we constantly work on the new functionality.

Project timeline

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Step 3
Step 4 & 5 & 6 (Parallel work)
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