It all starts with an idea

Every star project begins with an idea in your head that you have long cherished or that struck you like lightning. It’s important to share your ideas, to build a concept on paper and find weak points that need to be discussed and polished. If your blind spot is connecting business with tech implementation and you wonder which way you should go — we are here to help you. Run this idea by us and we will provide you with a cost and time-efficient way to convert your idea into a working product.

Concept Discussion
Project milestones
Research & Planning
Future steps

Planning your project

The excellent idea requires excellent implementation. From high level planning to feature execution: we have experience in finding suitable technologies and methods for both. High ideas require thoughtful implementation process and pragmatic plan with not just approximate thoughts but exactly methods will full understanding of all pros and cons of each technology and each step. We will help you with both - high-level decisions and detail plan.

Define Technology Stack
Estimate Budget
Allocate Resources
Estimate MVP ETA

Putting together a team for you

Every product requires a strong team but having just a strong team is not enough. To make a business your team should be build based on the plan and realization methods. Having 5-stars lead developers team does not make a lot of sense if a team does not have cohesion and development process looks more like a chaos.

UX/UI Designers
DevOps Admins
Frontend and Backend Devs
Quality Assurance Engineers

Product prototyping

Product prototype helps you to describe your product more effectively, gather first feedback and refine the functionality or design at an early stage with lower cost. We acknowledge that and can deliver the first working prototype within 2-3 months.

First Real Feedback
Proof of Concept
Efficient Product Presentation
Bird’s Eye View

Launching MVP

We know how to deliver an MVP on time and within the budget. Numbers of successful projects and over 10 years in software development helps us to manage the majority of technical risks. So, you can expect scalable MVP within 4-6 months.

Stable Core
Scalable MVP
Move Fast Fail Fast
Goals Adjustments

Building a Product

Once first feedback and data are gathered it's time to put it on the market into the customer's hand. With us, you can gather data proactively and develop the most important features in every sprint.

Clarifying Roadmap
Precision the Big Picture
Adjusting Milestones
Optimizing the Team

Ongoing Development: Flexible and Transparent

We are not another outsourcing development team that builds as many projects as possible. Our strength is in the attention to details and immediate response to your proposals or changes. We promote transparency and flexibility between a team and client: any engineer or designer is at your fingertips to provide with most up to date information when you need it. No need to wait for a day or even week to get updates from a designer or an engineer you can speak directly with an anyone in the team if you want.

Clear Workflow
Address the Wants of Your Customers
Open Communication
Team Aspiration