Your idea

Everything starts with an idea which was living inside your head for a while or come suddenly. In any cases, itโ€™s important to share your ideas, try to build a concept and find weak points which need to be processed polished and overcomes. If your blind spot is connecting business with tech implementation and you wonder which way you should go โ€” we are here to help you.

Concept Discussion

Project milestones

Research & Planning

Future steps



Detail plan

Step by step we build detail plan with you. High ideas require thoughtful implementation process and pragmatic plan with not just ideas but exactly methods will full understanding of all pros and cons of each technology and each step.

Technology Stack

Estimate Budget

Resource requirements

Estimate MVP Time



Team building

Every product requires strong team but having just a strong team is not enough. To make a business your team should be build based on the plan and realization methods. Having 5-stars lead developers team does not make a lot of sense if no-one willing to do tedious and monophonic work.

UI/UI Design

Devops/sys Admins

Frontend and Backend

Quality Engineering



First prototype

Every product needs to get feedback from clients as soon as possible. With correct feedback, the product can be adjusted, processed or totally pivoted. We know how its important to have the right timing and proof of concept. Usually, it takes us about 2-3 month for launch first working prototype.

Quick feedback

Fail fast

First results




Moving forward

Our previous experience, skills, and knowledge will surely move the project forward. With more than 10 years of hard work in software development and numerous finished projects, we gather a lot of pitfalls problems and different architectural and realization problems.

Optimizing roadmap

Adjusting the big picture

Changing milestones

Tweaking team members



MVP launch

One small step for man and one giant leap in the business process. We know how its to work with a limited budget, time and resources and usually, we can build MVP product in 4-6 month

Stable core functionality

1st version of the working product



Flexibility and transparency

We are not other outsourcing agency and we are not trying to build as many projects as possible. Our strength in the attention to details and immediate responses to your proposals or changes. In order to archive this, we are trying to make our team flexible and transparent. No need to wait for another week to get updates from a designer or you can speak directly with an engineer if you want.

All processes are clear and simple

Initial tasks can be a change

Free communication



Building a product

MPV is just a first step in a path of establishing a business. We will help you to gather user feedbacks find pitfalls and enhancements which will help your business to grow and thrive.


Team adjustments

Future planning

Stability focus