Our development workflow

development workflow

It all starts with an idea

Every great project starts with an idea. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a long time, or maybe this idea just leaped into your mind. A good idea is worth sharing. Write it down on a paper, discuss it with your staff. If you are having trouble with technology implementation in your business, we’re here to help you with that. Run your idea by us, and we will provide you with a cost and time-efficient way of turning it into a successful product.

Concept Discussion
Project milestones
Research Planning
Next steps

Project planning

The more complex the idea is the more thorough implementation it requires. We've been in the software development field for quite some time now, and we've gained mastery in selecting suitable technologies and methods for all kinds of projects. Turning your great idea into a product is not an easy task. You need a detailed plan of implementation, a proper set of methods and a deep understanding of strong and weak points of different kinds of technology. We’re here to guide you through it all.

Defining Technology Stack
Budget Estimate
Resource Allocation

Putting a team together

To create a product you need a team. The team should be built in accordance with the plan of implementation and methods of realization. A group of most talented developers won’t become a great team without cohesion. A cohesive team is a huge advantage especially in a competitive field like software development. We can build a high-performance team of motivated professionals exclusively for your product.

UX/UI Designers
DevOps Engineers
Frontend and Backend Devs
Quality Assurance Engineers

Product prototype

The prototyping process is a vital stage in product development. The data gathered at this point shows us if any improvements are required to continue our work in the right direction. Changing functionality or design at the prototype stage is much easier and cost-effective than doing so later on. In our practice, the prototype is delivered within 2-3 months.

First Feedback
Proof of Concept
Product Presentation
Broad Perspective

Launching an MVP

We have over 10 years of experience in software development, during this time we have successfully delivered plenty of projects. We’re aware of technical risks that may occur when creating an MVP, and we’re able to predict and prevent most of them. We can build a scalable MVP within 4-6 months.

Stable Core
Scalable MVP
Fail-Fast Succeed Sooner
Adjusting the goals

Building a Product

Now that we have gathered all the feedback and data necessary, comes the final stage of the product development. At this stage, some team adjustments might be required. Together we decide if there are any features that should be added to the final product. We’re just one step away from bringing your brand-new product to the market and making it available to the customers.

Fine-tuning the Team
Updating Roadmap
Adjusting the Milestones
Product Development

Development Process: Flexibility and Transparency

We never choose speed over quality. We pay close attention to details and we always keep the channel of communication with our customers open. The key values of our approach to software development are transparency and flexibility. The members of our development team are always within your reach, and you can speak directly to any of them. We will keep you updated on the development progress at every stage. We are open to your suggestions and will gladly answer any questions you might have for us.

Clear Workflow
Meeting Customer Needs
Open Communication
Team Availability