Ourbusiness approach

Our business approach

From idea to a product using the world-class technologies and best teamwork practices.


One Project - One Team

We are a group of experienced engineers with more than 10 years of experience in different areas, such as fin-tech, web-dev, machine learning, design, blockchain engineering, and IoT. We believe that to deliver excellent result one team has to be dedicated to the only project.


Services we offer

We are offering consulting services in Web development, Design, AI, Building Architecture, Setting up test builds and building unit tests, Developing API, Creating cloud infrastructure based on Amazon, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and others. Our primary language — Python, Golang, Javascript. We are using a lot of different tools, such as Django, Aiohttp, Vuejs, GoSec, TestCafe, Figma, Sketch, Kubernetes. But our main business and passion are to build result-driven dev teams to achieve business goals.


How it works

Our group of engineers is at your disposal but if the project has specific needs, we have a wide range of connections among hi-end web engineers, designers, and testers and can build a productive team that will suits your project the best. We also trying to use the same technologies so we can share our knowledge and experience between projects (but not business-related solutions). That helps us to guarantee your money and time won’t be wasted and the product we build will be reliable and maintainable in future.

To the details

How does the optimal team look like?

Based on our experience, we came to the conclusion that the minimum number of people comfortable and productive for work is 7 people. The team includes specialists such as:

  • Designer
  • Project Manager/Business process manager
  • Lead engineer
  • Backend engineer
  • Frontend engineer
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance Engineer.

1) For the really early-stage companies, or new startups, we recommend part-time DevOps and Quality Assurance Engineer, and project manager can be replaced by extra frontend engineer.

2) For more established startups we recommend to have a full-time DevOps and QA along with a project manager. Another Designer and Frontend engineer can be a good addition to your team. To take communication to the next level, we can organize 2-4 weeks of business trips for key team members to your office every 6 months or so.

Key Roles

  • UI/UX Designer is actually one of the most important roles for successful development.

    Everything is built with the help of designers (Unless you still keep some stuff from the USSR). Design is a fundamental part of everything. But, for the product to be simple in use, you also need to connect design with business requirements and processes. The project starts with research, wireframes, prototypes and moves into visual design, and while project growth design evolves too. In fact, healthy projects always have some business features requirements and small amendments.

    We need to make sure that whatever we’re working on is the most beneficial thing to the end-user. We work off user stories and shouldn’t pick ones to work on because they’re easy or need to get done eventually. The user stories should be prioritized with good design in mind. We must stay vigilant in creating the best possible product for the target audience. A great way to accomplish that is to keep the design of all things at the forefront of our thought processes. Keeping a project driven by design will help this happen.

    This means the design of everything should be well thought out. From things as simple as structuring the meetings well, to things as complex as building the code properly, to things as crucial as wireframing the flow of the app. The design should be at the forefront of our thoughts in every step of the building process.

  • Lead Engineer or Team Lead — is a combination of engineer and project management role.

  • Frontend development stands for everything you can see and interact with.

  • Backend engineer is responsible for the part of the website's functionality requiring interaction with a server.

  • DevOps who will be responsible for the stability and security of all infostructure and cloud services.

  • Quality assurance engineer - a person who is in charge of the product quality.

Engineer resume examples

So you understand which approximate level of knowledge our developers have


Hiring is hard. People are lying in the resumes, trying to work on the 2-3 jobs at once. On top of this - people are lazy "by the design", you need to keep high motivation and check if everyone actually doing a good job and not just making a view of work and finding excuses.

We can take risks and if it's clear that a person hasn’t done much we during a sprint we will revert back money and will take care of finding a replacement.

To keep high quality - every 6-7 months we gathering all team together to work in Kiyv, for 2-8 weeks (depends on the personal situation of people working in the team) and trying to clean up all communication issues, personal problems, and requests. It helps team members better understand each other in the future and increase team cohesion. We also have co-working space in Kiyv but we don't have a strong requirement for to visit coworking space every working day. As an example, in case if the designer needs frontend engineer for implementing some features they can set up a date and time to work together but if there is no real need to that we are trying not to force people to do what they do not like.

Quality is guaranteed

Take a look at the real development scheme that works

Example: Crowdfunding Platform



  • - Designer
  • - Lead engineer
  • - Backend engineer
  • - 2 Frontend engineers
  • - Quality Assurance
  • - DevOps (part-time)


  • - Microservices
  • - Google cloud
  • - Kubernetes
  • - Google build
  • - Python
  • - Javascript
  • - Django
  • - Vuejs
  • - TestCafe


in 3 months


in 6 months


in 9 months

We are trying to provide more or less realistic deadlines and ones above include unpredicted cases, ideas shifts and... We know bad things happen and we will have to find a beautiful solution with budget and deadlines pressure.


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