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Turning ideas into products with the help of cutting-edge technologies and best teamwork practices


One Project - One Team

We are a team of experienced software engineers with 10+ years in various IT fields. We have been working in many fields: fin-tech, web-dev, machine learning, web design, blockchain engineering, and IoT. We believe that only a team that concentrates on one project at a time can deliver a high-quality product.


Services we offer

  • Building and managing remote teams;
  • Building an MVP with our startup dev kit;
  • Fintech consulting;
  • IoT consulting;
  • E-commerce consulting;
  • AI/ML consulting;
  • Blockchain consulting

Our primary languages are Python, Golang, and Javascript. We are using a lot of different tools: Django, Aiohttp, Vuejs, GoSec, TestCafe, Figma, Sketch, Kubernetes, etc. But the most important business objective and our passion is assembling result-driven development teams that can build great products for your business goals.


How it works

Our team of professionals is at your service. We also cooperate with many top-notch web engineers, designers, and testers. In case our skillset is not enough, we will invite specialists with necessary skills to build a great team exclusively for your project. Through the years we have developed an extensive set of libraries and frameworks that helps us speed up the product development process and save your time and money. We strive to build products that are reliable and maintainable in the future.

In more detail

Balanced development team

In our experience, the most time-saving and cost-effective team requires 7 roles: Designer, Project Manager/Business process manager, Lead engineer, Backend engineer, Frontend engineer, DevOps, and Quality Assurance Engineer.

  • Designer
  • Project Manager/Business process manager
  • Lead engineer
  • Backend engineer
  • Frontend engineer
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance Engineer.

For a company in its early stages or a new startup we recommend replacing DevOps, Quality Assurance Engineer, and project manager with an extra frontend engineer. More established startups should have a full-time DevOps, QA engineer, and a Project Manager. Adding an extra Designer and a Frontend engineer is also a good idea. We value transparency and direct communication with our customers. We can set up 2-4 weeks long business trips for our development team to come to your office twice a year.

Key Roles

  • UI/UX Designer one of the most important roles in a successful development team

    UI/UX design plays an essential role in successful software development. To achieve great product usability we need to connect business requirements with technical processes. We achieve this goal with the help of UI/UX design. The process of product design begins with research. Thorough research is the key to creating a product that will be attractive to customers and easy to use. The next stage is wireframing. At this stage, we create the layout of the design. After that, we build the prototype. At the end of the prototyping process, we are ready to test the product. Finally, we create user’s interface. The design of the product is constantly refined until it’s ready to be presented to the customer.

    We always strive to create the best product for the end-user. User stories are an important part of our design process. User stories help us organize and prioritize our goals and keep us user-focused. Our main objective is to deliver the product with the best possible design for our target audience. We believe that design-driven development is the way to achieve this goal.

  • Team Leader is the driving force of the whole development process

  • Front-end developer is responsible for everything that runs inside the user's browser

  • Backend engineer works on the server-side of the product

  • DevOps a vital role in creating high quality and secure software

  • Quality assurance engineer ensuring product quality throughout the development process

Our expertise

Take a look at a couple of our team specialists resumes, so you get the idea about thelevel of experience our developers have


Our perspective

Finding a professional in software development is a real challenge, and it's even a bigger challenge to find an experienced developer in a particular field. You are probably looking for someone capable of doing a good job, with a positive attitude and personality, and a proper skill set for your project. On top of that, there are budget and time limits to complete your project. All of the above can create a huge amount of pressure on a person in charge, increasing the risk of failure. Here's where we come in. Our primary objective is to remove this pressure from you and at the same time create the best product possible. Our approach is simple but effective. That's how we can give you a high-quality product guarantee

With over 1000+ engineers in our network, we can find top-notch professionals for your project

We have 10+ years of experience in software development. During this time we have delivered plenty of successful projects and became acquainted with many professional developers in all kinds of fields. We work on projects of various complexity every day, and we will be happy to help you create the best product for your target audience.

Choice of the technology stack

Our choice of tech stack for different types of projects is based on vast experience in using various kinds of development software. We have also developed an extensive set of libraries and frameworks of our own and we constantly improve it, implementing new technologies. Including reusable tech components to a project helps save time, speed up the development process and build maintainable products.

Our teamwork practices

To create successful and profitable products and to build effective development teams is equally important to us. Some of our teamwork practices were adopted from the Agile approach. We respond to changes in project requirements quickly and effectively. We value our customers’ feedback and communicate with them constantly. We are eager to learn new technologies, and sharing knowledge with each other empowers our team collaboration. We value interaction and motivation in our team, and we believe it contributes greatly to creating great products.

Money-back guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee is one of the most important points for a customer. Our work doesn't stop once we've built a team for you. We will be monitoring the whole development process from requirements gathering to product launch. If someone on the team fails to deliver their task we will take full responsibility for it. If you are not satisfied with the delivered product we'll give you your money back.

Here's an example of a development roadmap designed for a crowdfunding platform

Example: Crowdfunding Platform



  • - Designer
  • - Lead engineer
  • - Backend engineer
  • - 2 Frontend engineers
  • - Quality Assurance
  • - DevOps (part-time)


  • - Microservices
  • - Google cloud
  • - Kubernetes
  • - Google build
  • - Python
  • - Javascript
  • - Django
  • - Vuejs
  • - TestCafe


in 3 months


in 6 months


in 9 months

When we set the deadlines for the project we cannot predict every change in the original plan. What we can do is estimate the time necessary to react to possible changes during the development process, which makes our deadlines more realistic. We are prepared for the unforeseen risks and we perform well under pressure.


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