Domain System

SEO potential project

Client wanted to collect information about a maximum number of lapsed and/or expiring domains - the domain type, its ownership status, its reputation, links and its Google ranking - for the purpose of evaluating / acquiring the domains for potential SEO value. Existing search services limited the client to approximately 1,000 domains per day.

Because of the wide variety of potential data, we decided to move from a traditional sql solution to a NoSQL paradigm, and to handle the massive volume of data for modules requiring instant reactions we developed a special redis - mongodb connection to handle both fast-expiring and stabilized data without a reduction in search speed.

Our domain information «grabber» is now performing some 200,000 domain searches per day - its actual capability is theoretically unlimited - and assembling the relevant information for our client in a user-friendly database.

Multi-level marketing


Client with a landing-page-based web presence wanted to build a pyramid-style marketing approach that would rely on peer-to-peer promotion for growth, rather than agency-based methods of outreach. B-Tree indexed and algoritms that will transfer graphs into SQL world.

We developed a custom-built solution, using B-Tree indexed and algorithms that transfer graphs into SQL without overloading the database, and then integrated additional solutions for the matrix of bonuses available to members.

The resulting is a fast, simple, full-service solution - database, page, and program interface - that can handle unlimited amount of downline users.



Client wanted a landing page builder with an integrated advertising engine.

Our builder makes the creation and promotion of a landing page simple for the non-technical user. The interface allows for one-click advertising on social networks without leaving the created site - a full-stack solution for business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individual creator-retailers like authors and artists - anyone looking to improve their sales without adding overhead costs.

Tech specification

From the first steps of the project we decide that we need to use test driven development paradigm, second big decision was to move away from php to python planform. That was important steps that allow us to avoid many problems in future despite from the first site that decisions looks too overloaded and overtime