AI/ML development


Driving force for businesses to gain more market share

Nowadays, it’s hard to find an industry that hasn’t been modified by Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). They are the driving force for traditional businesses to gain more market share, increase revenue, improve customer experience, and decrease operating costs. If you want to explore these new technologies to enhance your business or optimize your business processes, we can provide you with production-ready innovative AI/ML solutions.

How we create AI/ML solutions

These steps are required to create a (general) AI/ML solution:

  • Data collection and organization. Extract insights, filter noise data and transcode existing data into a workable format.
  • Creating or choosing a prediction model, creating a training set, which will be used to train the model.
  • Splitting training set data and test set to check prediction model results.
  • Creating a validation data set, which will be used to test, adjust and optimize your prediction model.
  • Checking model on a set of real data, which haven’t been used for training.

Do you have an idea for a product?

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Chatbot Development

Today, NLP plays a huge part in chatbot development. NLP technology enables chatbots to understand voice messages and texts and give an appropriate reply. Our engineers are skilled in developing sophisticated and intelligent chatbots. We can train a bot to understand your business specifics and improve communication and client experience. We have extensive knowledge of ready to use models, frameworks, APIs, and techniques for various use-cases.

Text Recognition
Business Process Optimization
Intelligent Chatbot
Increase User Experience
Chatbot Development
intuitive smart devices

Data-driven Internet of Things

The use of IoT technology presents endless opportunities for business growth and improvement. ML and AI help to make the most of large volumes of IoT data and transform it into valuable business insights. Applying AI and ML techniques to data processing and analytics we can build efficient solutions for data visualization, create intelligent IoT applications, and build secure IoT solutions.

Internet Of Things
Analyze Data
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Data-driven Internet of Things
identify objects

Video and Image Processing

AI can easily identify an object in an image or a video file and many applications of image processing like, for example, face recognition, are a part of our everyday life. With our expertise in using powerful tools and cutting edge technologies like Nvidia cards and Google's Cloud Video Intelligence API, we can develop new learning algorithms and build custom solutions for video and image processing.

Video Stream Analyze
Machine Vision
Image Recognition
Video and Image Processing
speech recognition

Natural Language Processing

NLP is a field of artificial intelligence. Natural language processing is the ability of a software program to understand natural human language. Numerous applications of NLP technology like chatbots for customer support, data and text analysis, email filters, search results, and many others enable business growth and improve our lives. With the help of tools and libraries for NLP, we can set algorithms that work with big volumes of data and deliver meaningful information to the end-user.

End To End Machine Learning
Voice Recognition
Natural Language Processing

Exclusive ML solution for your platform

Webdevelop pro can build high-performance machine learning dataset and adaptive algorithms from scratch. Our engineers transform raw data from legacy software into clean datasets. We can integrate machine learning models for video, image or voice recognition into your business to conduct market research, optimize pricing, improve content recommendations and user experience. These steps are required to create an AI/ML solution:

  • Collect and organize data. Extract insights, filter out noise data and transcode existing data into a workable format;
  • Select or create a prediction model, a training set which will be used to train the model;
  • Split training set data and test set to check prediction model results;
  • Create a validation data set which will be used to test, adjust and optimize prediction model;
  • Test model on a set of real data that haven’t been used for training.

Webdevelop pro can build an exclusive AI/ML solution to meet your business requirements. We can tweak every aspect of development according to your requirements to create a product that suits your company’s model and addresses specific pain-points. Webdevelop Pro can empower your business with robust and scalable AI/ML technology implementations to help you achieve your business goals more effectively.


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