Building a minimum viable product

a minimum viable product

Reliable solution within limited time and resources

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Let’s say you have an idea for a software product that you would like to implement but your resources are limited. The development of a website or an application is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

So what can be done to test this new idea? The answer is to build a minimum viable product or an MVP. An MVP is a basic implementation of an idea that has just enough features and functionality to show potential users what it can do. MVP development is a necessary step to learn how to improve the end product.

Whichever the case, a quick product launch or a new product development Webdevelop Pro can build an MVP for your needs.

Necessary steps

  • Understanding the idea
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Design user interface
  • Prototype
  • A well-balanced development team
  • Building an MVP
  • What’s next?

Do you have an idea for a product?

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goals definition

Understanding the idea

We want to understand your idea in as much detail as possible. Is it a product or a service? What are its goals? Who is your target audience? How is this product is going to be useful to them? What problems does it solve? The more we can learn about your idea, the better we can implement it.

General Discussion
Understanding the idea
successful product


The competition in the software development industry is very high. To create a successful product you should know your potential customers, the market and the competitors offering a similar product or a service. Research can give you an insight into a better presentation of your idea.

Technical Recommendations
Estimates Of Time And Budget
resource management


Now that the idea of the product is clear, we create an MVP development plan. We describe how everything is going to work. How exactly a user is going to interact with the product? What steps do they have to complete to benefit from the service? What features does the product have?

Setting Requirements
Understanding Of Limitations

User interface

We need to visualize each step of a user's interaction with the product. Our purpose is to create a simple and easy-to-use application. To do that we focus on making the user experience a good one. The next step is to list all product features and prioritize them. There's no need to implement all features at once, just those essential for the product to achieve its goals. We select the tech stack based on the list of product's features. Once we've laid the groundwork, we are ready to build an MVP.

Thoughtfull Process
Design Driven Development
User interface
early sample


We start by creating a prototype. A prototype is a graphic presentation of the product that is necessary for developers to work out processes and details of the future MVP. Building an MVP is just like building any software product, you need a development team to do it.

Test Driven Development
Finds Problems Early
Release Quickly

A well-balanced development team

Assembling development teams has always been a passion of Webdevelop Pro. We believe that the best result is achieved by a well-balanced development team with a specific skill set required by a project at hand. A well-balanced team consists of:

Team Leader
UI/UX Designer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
DevOps Engineer
QA Engineer
A well-balanced development team

Building an MVP

In our experience, UX/UI design is the foundation of a good MVP. We keep it simple and develop only key features. A front-end engineer's job is to implement visual and interactive elements. To bring our MVP to life is the job of a back-end engineer, who is responsible for the server-side of MVP development. A DevOps engineer ensures scalability, stability, and security of an MVP. The last but not the least is Quality Assurance and testing. A QA engineer identifies bugs and potential problems, plans and performs tests during the development process and recommends what improvements should be made. As a result of the dev team's work, you get an MVP ready for launch.

Scrum Development Process
Proper Planning
Proper Testing
Effective Team
Building an MVP
building a product

What's next?

All that is left is to launch the MVP, monitor users' feedback and decide where to go from there. There are many web analytics tools that can help you evaluate your MVP's performance and develop a marketing strategy to improve it.

Data Driven Design
Product Evolution
What's next?
Over the years, Webdevelop Pro has delivered many MVPs. We’ve developed a Development kit we use to create custom software products. As an Agile development team, we maintain a steady workflow and meet deadlines on time. Bring us your idea and we will build a robust and scalable MVP in 3-6 months.


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