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A CTO’s role is very important in any company

What is a CTO

A CTO or a Chief Technical Officer is the person responsible for the technological side of a business or a project. A CTO is in charge of managing software development projects, technological partners, strategic innovation, IT support, managing and mentoring the development team and other matters that require technical expertise.

A CTO’s role in a software development company

A CTO’s role is very important in any company, but for a company working in software development, it’s vital. There are many things a CTO’s expertise is required for:

  • Managing software development processes and workflows;
  • Developing a technology strategy and managing the company’s technological assets;
  • Managing sponsorships and partnerships. The bigger the company’s goals are, the more resources it needs. A software development company often uses third-party services like cloud services or payment systems. A CTO knows which services a company needs and how to manage these matters in the way that benefits the company most;
  • Managing the development team, mentoring and recruiting new developers. This is is one of the most important tasks of a CTO. A strong development team capable of creating successful products is a powerful asset ensuring business growth;
  • Designing software architecture and selecting the right tech stack;
  • Software products' quality. A CTO is responsible for the quality of the product that goes to the market and becomes available to the end-user. It’s a challenging task that requires making difficult decisions like spending more time on testing or speedy delivery of the new functionality requested by the investors;
  • Writing software documentation;
  • Ensuring the company’s data security.

The list of CTO’s responsibilities varies from company to company. A CTO in an established company and a CTO in a startup are two different job descriptions, but the core responsibilities are the same for any tech company.

Test Other responsibilities of a CTO include:

  • how to improve the company’s infrastructure
  • what latest technologies are available on the market
  • making decisions about third-party providers services
  • what specialists the company’s development team needs
  • making decisions whether it’s better to create or obtain a new software product or a solution

A CTO solves all kinds of technical matters and makes sure that the development team has all the means to achieve company’s business goals.


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A CTO’s role in a company

So, does your company require a full-time CTO? It depends on what your company does. If your business is deeply connected with software development the answer is definitely yes. A specialist who can make the right choices about technologies and development strategies can speed up the development process and put a company in front of the competitors. A company whose business depends on software products faces many technical challenges. For example, one of the biggest challenges in creating a successful product is to select the right tech stack to fit its requirements. That's one of many things a CTO knows how to do.

Use Correct Tech Stack
Speed Up Development
Building A Team
A CTO’s role in a company
strengthen the business

Efficient use of technology

The use of cutting edge technologies might be a huge advantage for a company, but it can also have a negative effect. Imagine a scenario where an in-house team decides to try out new technology without conducting proper research first. Even a tech-savvy person can't know all about the latest technological innovations. A company spends a lot of time searching for people who know how to work this new technology and risks hiring people who lack the necessary skills. The point of using new technology is to strengthen the business and achieve the company's business goals. Using a trendy technology just for show is not productive. A CTO is well aware of what the company's in-house team is capable of and whether trying out a new tech is worth the risk. A CTO makes sure that new technologies are used efficiently and securely.

Managing Risks
Architecure Decisions
Development Roadmap
Efficient use of technology

CTO as a Service

The concept of CTO as a service is still pretty new, but the need in this service is growing. CTO as a Service is especially beneficial for small companies and startups. They can hire a skilled professional with technological perspective to get them up to speed in the complex world of modern technology and help them avoid common pitfalls building the IT side of business.

Medium-size companies tend to use this service when they want to launch a new product. They hire a short-term CTO to focus their time and resources on launching a new product rather than hire a full-time employee.

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