Distributed network and blockchain

network and blockchain

We have helped over 20 enterprises achieve success with our training workshops, prototype design and blockchain proof of concepts.

Harness the expertise of over 10 years of world-class engineers, financial and legal experts, and economic thinkers to help your organization implement the applications of blockchain technology. We are a professionals in working with cutting edge technologies and in identification fast and quality workflows for software development. We have helped companies to achieve success with transparent step by step process. Primary every company need to do three main steps to launch a product. First building prototype, extend it to the proof of concepts, get user feedback and make it robust and stable. This principe also works with advance technologies, digital assets and blockchain technology.

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exporing possibilities

Education and Use Case Development

At first, we will explore your business goals, requirements and existing limitations. We will make sure to turn possibilities into real concepts and give you correct information about any hidden problems and practical solutions.

Explore And Research
Goals And Limitations
Education and Use Case Development
solution design

Strategic Blockchain Advisory

Almost every solution have a few choices use an existing framework or build your own. We always start with gaining insight from business model prototyping, use our experience from previous case studties, and provide you a proofs-of-concept before spending too much and time funding on dead ends.

Strategic Blockchain Advisory
build & implementation

Development of Solutions

We always trying to avoid complex implementation management. Once we found a right approach next step to build rapidly prototype. Its important to move from proof-of-concept to an MVP and adjust your business goals and needs based on user feedback.

Business Goals
MVP Development
Development of Solutions
assets & solutions

Token Solutions Development

Webdevelop pro have experience in both, develop token solutions based on existing tokens that unlock new business models or creating a solutions from scratch to perfectly fit your asset management, investment models, incentive alignment, and more

Token Solutions Development

Security and audit

Security is a foundation of our development process. We check every software add-ons, browser plugin to eliminate any spy or malware. Our security team will setup VPN and protects your internet traffic from network sniffers. We have experience how to correctly store security information and keys management.

Security and audit
ecosystem management

Solution Deployment and Customer Success

Archiving technical goals is only a first step. Webdevelop pro knows how not just develop solution but also hear customers feedback and provide seamless technical fixes, update delivery or add additional system integration. This way you can stay focused on the bigger picture while we handle the operation network and ecosystems questions.

Customers Feedback
Building A Product
Solution Deployment and Customer Success

Why blockchain?

Blockchain is a cutting edge technology adopted by many businesses. The strong side on that technology is transparency, efficiency, and inalterability of the information stored on a blockchain. Blockchain is a perfect solution for those who don’t want 3rd parties in transactions with their clients. Businesses like art galleries, supply chains, various verification systems, and others could benefit from the transparency of transactions or participants involved. We have experience in building blockchain applications and will be happy to help you implement blockchain technology in your business.


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