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For early-stage, medium-stage and stable digital companies in need of a <custom > web platform.

If you are reading this, you probably have an idea for a digital business that you would like to build.

To turn your big idea into a reality you need to know where to start. Many years' experience in software development gave Webdevelop Pro a good understanding of how to make it happen. In this guide, we will review the key points to get your digital startup off to a good start.

We're excited to accompany you on this journey.

1. Web Platform

If you want to establish a digital business you need a platform. It can be a landing page, a website or a complex high-level platform. This is a starting point for introducing your product to your potential customers.

You can use a platform to:

  • give your business idea a proper presentation;
  • let the world know that there’s a new product on the market and tell the users what they gain by acquiring it;
  • create a community of thinking alike people interested in your ideas;
  • provide potential customers access to your product or service;

2. Mobile application

Mobile apps have become a necessity for every business, whatever your are a startup or an established business. Mobile devices have evolved into a highly important business tool. People get addicted to their smartphones and other mobile devices.

With us you will get our solutions and experiences in:

  • mobile authentication and authorization system;
  • simple, powerfull and easily to extend user profile;
  • notification system;
  • components for providing access to your products and services;

3. Admin Panel

In order to efficiently manage your web application, you need an admin panel. Admin panel is mainly used for:

  • to create and manage content on your platform (product or service info, uploading files and images, news, blog posts, etc.)
  • to manage users' information (authorization data, search history, favorite products, etc.);
  • as a navigation center connecting all third-party services required to run the project;
  • other custom settings you might need.

4. Security

The security of your web project is a vital part of the development process. Make sure you take into consideration the latest security practices to protect your web project and users' data:

  • perform Website Security Audit to assess your website security;
  • perform Static Application Security Testing to analyze the application’s source code and check it for security vulnerabilities;
  • use data encryption;
  • protect the data collected by your website using SSL certificates;
  • store sensitive data in the most secure databases and/or specialized third-party security vault providers.

5. Platform Architecture

Microservices architecture is a modern technology that is often used for building new platforms. Amongst its many benefits are flexibility and scalability. An application built with microservices is a collection of small units so it’s easy to develop and maintain. We recommend using the Google Cloud platform for microservices architecture implementation. It has a great variety of products with intuitive administrative panels that will make the process of product development smooth and easy. Using these well-tested and maintained products will save your time and money.

We recommend trying out these tools:

  • Kubernetes Engine
  • Stackdriver
  • Cloud Build
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Functions
  • Container Security

6. Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is a must-have for all software products no matter how simple or sophisticated they are. Documenting the process of product development will help you keep everything in check and under control. Another benefit of having technical documentation is the possibility of reproducing any stage or aspect of the development process or product’s feature if necessary.

Also, documentation is needed to explain the functionality of your product to the users. Believe us, having all materials related to the project properly documented and organized will go a long way. Be thorough and keep it all in one place.

7. Web Analytics and Marketing

A happy customer is key to a successful business. In our case, a happy customer is a happy user. To learn how well your web application performs you need to understand user behavior. You can collect and analyze user behavior data on a website with the help of web analytics tools. How users interact with your web application? Do they leave after looking at one page or they stay on your website and visit it again?

Make sure you include a/b test tools for both your marketing emails and website pages. We recommend trying:

  • Hubspot
  • Google Optimize (Google’s A/B testing)
  • Google analytics
  • Google tag manager

Web analytics tools will help you optimize your website content and improve the user’s experience. This information is invaluable in developing a successful marketing strategy and creating an engaging website.

8. Task Management and Communication software

A well-organized workflow is a vital component of a successful project You can use task management software to create, track, and manage tasks for your team so that everyone can be on the same page on the work progress at any given moment.

An effective online communication tool is another powerful instrument to boost your team’s efficiency. There is plenty of free task management and online communication software so you can pick something that works for you.

9. Full-stack team

How many developers does it take to create a successful product? Frankly, it’s not the size of a development team that matters. In our practice, most successful products are built by teams striving to create the best possible product. A well balanced full-stack team works the best. For an early-stage startup, we would recommend a team consisting of:

  • UX/UI designer
  • Lead engineer
  • Backend engineer
  • Two frontend engineers
  • DevOps engineer
  • QA engineer

10. Conclusion

Different startups require different implementations of their ideas. We hope that our digital business startup guide gave you some understanding of what to do next. The professional team of Webdevelop Pro would be happy to help you turn your great idea into a successful and profitable product.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you so feel free to contact us anytime.

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Let’s make it happen!

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