Cost Control is not about saving money

It’s about getting more for every dollar spent.

Cost Control is not about saving money

Let’s say you want to make a fintech project and you are looking for engineers. How many do you need to hire to deliver when the market needs it? Should they all be senior developers with fintech experience or just one is enough? How to work with the best experts and motivate them?

If you are not looking for a “webmaster” to install a theme on Wordpress and upload images then all these questions will eventually come up. And the falsely obvious answer is:
“Well, why overcomplicate things. I’ll just get 1 super-developer-with-fintech-experience who is highly competent in every development stage. And then I’ll scale.”
But an obvious is not always the right one.

Even though there is a sarcastic saying that typical project manager thinks that 9 pregnant women can create a baby in 1 month, it doesn’t mean that 1 super-developer-with-fintech-experience is more cost-efficient than a team of engineers.

Yes, the amount of work that needs to be dedicated to a product stays the same but team with streamlined processes, limited iterations, and reduced slack will lead to better “time to market” for your fintech product. And the faster product is live - the more revenue on a less competitive market it can generate.

This is certainly obvious that a solid team of engineers with noticeable fintech expertise is more efficient than 1 or 2 god-level fintech developers. Why? Well, for three big reasons:

  1. You are not relying on one person and his/here vulnerabilities like sick-days, personal or family issues. Responsibility is transferred to the team and managed internally.
  2. Even god-level developer is not protected from mistakes. Especially when time pressures, a person tend to make worse decisions. Long sheets of duplicated code, misleading database queries, and suboptimal code architecture can often be signs of the absence of cross-revisions and coding standards. All this makes a product hard to scale and increased maintenance costs.
  3. A narrow specialist will always be more efficient and knowledgeable in any particular field then a generalist. It requires daily education for a narrow specialist to keep his skills up-to-date and be able to bring the most stable and efficient solution to the table. But no generalist can keep up even with major improvements of architecture, frontend, backend, DevOps and mobile optimization. Not to mention UX/UI-design that mostly aren’t in developers field of interest.

Confidence in our coding practices and quality standards, along with excellent A to Z understanding of fintech product delivery, allows us to offer legally protected MoneyBack to our clients.

We are happy to be the team that has all these qualities.

  1. Involvement. “One Team - One Project”. That’s our rule and this how we can be sure to give 100% of our attention to the project. Twice a year we organize business trips to put faces to the names and synchronize future plans and expectations with project owners.
  2. Transparency. As a transparent and trustworthy team, we invite clients to join any daily standup calls or any other team meeting. We want our clients to get clear and simple updates regularly and understand what’s happening with their project in any given time.
  3. Speed. The initiation to start date is 1 week. No recruitment, training or payroll solutions are needed. Just hand your project to the team manager and everything else will be taken care of.
  4. Predictability. Throughout years in product development, we crafted our unique approach that implies principles of Agile and fits the mentality of our engineers. That’s why we can predict project timeline accurately enough.
  5. Cost efficiency. Specialization in certain industries like Blockchain, FinTech, IoT or Ecommerce helps us to find shortcuts and provide our clients with cost efficient high-end product. And if for some reason you will not be happy with the results - you will get your money back.

Contact us to get risk-free prototype for your dream project within 2-3 months.

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