We always strive for excellence

Perfection is not attainable, but we are passionate about all the details of the development, even to those, who will not be visible to regular users

Design, develop and manage applications

Teamwork, planning and research

Trying to move fast, keep your team small and focused? Do you want to spend your time and resources on getting things done rather then on long management talks? can build doers — team especially for you, with understanding of your goals direction and primary business goals.

Front & Backend, UI/UX, Support

From idea to realization

We can drive project from an early stage idea to stable business. All our development process starts from understanding of your businesses. We are trying covered all possible problems with software development and clients research, moving timely as your business growth

Teamwork and interpersonal skills

Peculiar custom development

We love to share our ideas and our past experience. We can guide you with solutions and applications we been using before and find correct development stratagy which will work for your budget and your deadline.

Adaptation to changes

With ability to deliver a successful product

Building business is not so easy. We know that and we understands on different stages business have different focus and different requirements which may and probably would be changed. Which means we need to foresee layout for unexpected changes.

Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review

Transparency is one of the core values

No more managers or senior persons which handles everything. All our projects have group slacks channels and stand up calls which are open for the client. Do you want to speak with designer directly? No problem. Do you want to check progress based on developers report? Sure.

Our  working approach

Pen & paper works best for you? That nice. We are here to help you to prioritize your ideas and talk it out so we can find right direction and transform it to more material shape.

But idea is nothing without an action. Whats more important — almost all ideas have time and budget limitations. You can leverage on our experience and skills to help you find right methods to archive your goals.

Platform launch and product realization is still only the first step for building a business. Making product more secure, more mature, doing A/B testing to archive better conversation rate — thats all we can help you with.


Your product is important to us

We pay a lot of attention to technical exellence and good design



New technologies which help you to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. We know how to help corporations or startups to better manage their financial operations, process and handle complex process by creating unique software and by choosing correct algorithms and workflow.


Blockchain has great potential for a soliving “trusting” problem. Art galleries, supply chains, different verification systems where you need to set up some set of transparent rules for everyone, integrity without depending on the 3rd party system. We have experience in this area and we will be happy to find the right usage for these technologies for you.

IoT solutions

IoT solutions

We been working with different smart devices which connect people, systems and other devices. We build applications which collects, share, analyze and event predict data. Thankfully to various cloud providers we manage to build robust, fast and security network.


By working for more that 10 years in this area we can offer vast range of different e-commerce solutions. Starting from traditional business to design, create and launch product to  working with some specific problems which required highly competence and attention to details. By using modern methods of the software development we are always set hight standards for security and robust.

  • sketch
  • figma
  • js strict
  • vue
  • type script
  • python
  • django
  • golang
  • aiohttp
  • cloud
  • amazon
  • github
  • kubernetes
  • node




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