Digitalizing businesses which made in through COVID-19 outbreak

During this crisis, life has changed for everyone - the way we live, communicate with each other, use transport and how we do business.

Digitalizing businesses which made in through COVID-19 outbreak

Many businesses made it through the outbreak, and the digitalization could help them.

TeleHealth. Naturally, healthcare is at the top of the list. Before the pandemic, there wasn’t significant progress in telehealth platforms, but healthcare systems are now being pushed to expand their telemedicine through smartphones, tablets, and other devices. According to Global Market Insights, the market size was around $45 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow to more than $175 billion by 2026. Webdevelop Pro can be a good partner in creating a digital experience for healthcare startups and small businesses. We’re building an engineering team as an extension of our customer’s core development team. We use the continuous integration and delivery model to meet our client’s needs and achieve great results together.

EdTech. Challenges in education are being overcome thanks to remote learning. Global edtech investments reached US$ 18 billion in 2019 and the overall market for online education is projected to reach $350 billion by 2025. At Webdevelop Pro, we engineered a training platform for the artificial dance teacher and invite educational companies become our new customers. Webdevelop Pro team can make your education processes more digital.

E-commerce. The COVID-19 Commerce Insight Tracker shows that e-commerce revenue has risen by 37% in the past few days, compared to the same period in 2019, with orders up 54%. Mobile apps and payments are on the rise, with 72% of consumers using mobile devices to shop. If you are in selling goods and services and don’t have an e-commerce website yet, it’s high time you started working on it, now that the whole world is shopping online. Contact us, so that our team of experts can advise you about custom e-commerce solutions and how you can adapt your business model to the digital age as we already accomplished e-commerce projects for our customers. At this challenging time for many businesses, we at Webdevelop Pro want to contribute by providing a free quote or prototype with zero upfront costs.

COVID will forever change e-commerce and will bring up challenges to online selling & service that no one could have imagined few months ago.

One of the most significant challenges with internet sales is accepting payments. Though it sounds like no big deal, transferring money requires a complicated FinTech solution and selecting your payment processing platform. To understand what are your business needs, you have to understand the payment processing industry, how an online payment processing platform works, what are main components and requirements for this kind of FinTech software? Luckily, Webdevelop Pro has a solid and long-term experience of integration with a multitude of 3rd party payment system providers among which are Stripe, North capital, Dwolla, Paypal, TransferWise, IdentityMindGlobal, Sift, Twillio and will help you sort everything out. Our engineers integrate payment gateways from global payment platforms to individual e-commerce sites. We guarantee that your payment processor will comply with globally recognized security standards to protect users’ money and personal data.

Along with increased digitalization of services, e-commerce solutions face new security threats.

Fraud detection. And there has always been a risk of a third-party scamming both the seller and the buyer. With the development and expansion of e-commerce, fraud has taken on new forms and become more powerful than ever. As the scale of e-shopping, online banking, and online insurance increases, fraudsters take full advantage of every weak spot in every system they can find. Fraud has turned into a major issue and an uncontrolled expenditure for e-commerce retailers on a global level. Preventing, detecting, and eliminating fraud are some of the primary concerns of the e-commerce at present. One of the most promising means for achieving them is machine learning. There are already some fraud detection solutions for FinTech, e-commerce, banking, healthcare, online gaming, and other industries. No matter your industry, there’s always a way to benefit from AI and ML. Machine learning algorithms can process huge amounts of data and draw patterns for every business to protect it from fraud.

When selecting fraud prevention software, we recommend that you also focus on tokenization.

Tokenization. This technology for digital payment security is used by top payment solution providers. E-commerce stores have implemented tokenization for online purchases. Online merchants use payment gateway providers, such as Paypal or Stripe, to process credit card details. If merchant’s data servers are ever compromised, critical information remains safe as only token details are kept. Tokenization is increasing in popularity due to enhanced security measures. When a payment takes place, the user’s sensitive data is encrypted with randomly generated symbols, called tokens. This minimizes the risk of a data breach since the merchant’s servers store tokens instead of actual user payment details. Webdevelop Pro implemented tokenization technology to eliminate attacks for our customer – a Security Data Provider

Software Security Testing. In general, Webdevelop Pro team uses a lot of advanced security approaches and best security practices. Software security testing is one of them. Without testing, a software solution can hardly be a secure environment for digital payments. Performing testing is important for verifying the effectiveness of security controls implemented in the architecture of a payment service. Test results can expose potential vulnerabilities that come from poor system configuration, hardware or software flaws, and operational drawbacks when fighting a potential threat. On top of that, testing helps to assess the estimated impact on the operational capacity of the software. Scalability and performance testing should also be ordinary activities for developers of a trustworthy payment solution. Webdevelop Pro, as a software contractor, focusses on reliability, and scalability for our customers, so that application we develop run smoothly and perform well in the full capacity mode during the peak hours. From the stage of building an application’s architecture, we perform automated and manual testing as well as benchmark and unit testing to encompass all points of possible failure.

In sum, Webdevelop Pro helps our clients develop software with refined information security and risk management, setting up all necessary processes and complying with global standards. Our engineers apply proven testing practices to detect and fix bugs in software that often cause vulnerabilities that can be exploited to commit fraud.

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