English Teacher

English Teacher


We are software development company and we are primary working with USA based companies. We want to level up our english level and put our communication on another level. We all have different english level and different personalities. Your responsabilityies will be:

  • have one on one lessons with engineers
  • build education plan and keep up moving with a schedule
  • identify language problems and provide help in eliminating them

Job requirements:

We believe in modern society it does not really make such a big differences if:

  • you have a master degree from Standford or not
  • your location should be only your business
  • your ESL score and so on

What does make a difference for us:

  • If you can make proper structure around lessons
  • We don’t want to be too format. Please be yourself and enjoy lessons with us!
  • We also believe you should be strict to keep us in shape

Ideal candidate:

  • Be able to hit pain-points and address the issues straight away
  • Knows how to deal with tech-savvy stundends
  • Have good internet connection
  • Mostly, we are working with clients from California. So if you have Californian accent its fantastic. If not thats fine but you have to be from USA. Its our hard requirement to have somebody who can share American calture with us.

Why to work with us?

  • We are stable company with demonstrated history of building complex fintech product
  • Our products been at first pages of TechCrunch, New York Times and other big mass media newsletters
  • In fact almost all of our products get big mass media coverage
  • Stable payments in stable currency, no delays
  • All our projects > 10 months long
  • Be able to work with 10+ years veterans and pick up new skills and knowledges

Location: 100% Remote

English Teacher
English Teacher

100% Remote

We are looking forward to hearing more about you! Just tell us everything related to the main arguments why you are the best match for fo this position.

And do not forget to provide CV + related web links to convey a full picture of your professionalism.